ZOG ® is a proudly New Zealand owned manufacturer of the highest quality steel framing for New Zealand homes.


About our company

ZOG is a family business which understand the demands of the building industry having built up one of New Zealand's largest group building companies over the past 20 years. More recently in 2004 the owners traveled extensively to investigate the opportunities for steel as a framing material after growing increasingly disillusioned by the growing cost and waste associated with using traditional framing materials. 

Since then ZOG has grown from a pilot manufacturing project with a single roll forming unit based in Mount Maunganui to a truly national manufacturing organisation with plants located in Auckland, Mt Maunganui, Wellington and Christchurch servicing the entire country. The technology developed to engineer each profile combines the best roll forming equipment available and sophisticated software operated by skilled engineers and designers. This combination of state of the art world class equipment, technology and skill is the edge that ZOG brings to the market. Efficiencies that mean a house-lot of framing can be produced and loaded on a light transporter, ready for delivery in a single day by just three framing technicians, unlike timber frames and trusses which takes many days, many labourers and a full truck and trailer to get logs to the framer and then again to deliver the finished framing to the building site.

At ZOG the continual drive for efficiencies in manufacturing and construction techniques has seen many remarkable achievements which in turn flow on to the building industry. The ZOG Steel Framing System has been readily adopted by the building trade as it presents a preferred construction method with materials lighter to handle and easier to fit as each component part of the overall frame fits perfectly and every angle is exactly as it should be. A major advantage between a steel frame wall and one made from timber is the significant weight difference between the two, ZOG being a fraction of the weight, yet stronger, than traditional timber. For the builder this means less physical strain, reducing the incidence and potential for injury and extending the builders professional career.

ZOG remains a family business and continues to grow with increasing demand from all around New Zealand. In particular, Christchurch is experiencing heavy demand for steel framing, since the devastating earthquakes exposed significant issues with the widespread failing of conventional framing. Interestingly ZOG Steel Framing has been independently tested  and proven to withstand magnitude 9 earthquake activity. This is of course a significant advantage in New Zealand where many cities are situated on or very near to known fault lines.

The team at ZOG are rightly proud of the advances that ZOG has introduced into the building industry. ZOG represents the leading edge in framing for homes in New Zealand and delivers to the home owner all the additional benefits of strength, structural integrity, durability and rigidity at a comparable, often more competitive price to traditional timber.

For those considering building a new home anywhere in New Zealand the future of framing is bright, the future is ZOG.

100% New Zealand Steel

Axxis Steel for Framing

Axxis is the brand which represents the roll formed steel division of New Zealand Steel Limited.

New Zealand Steel Ltd is the country's sole producer of flat rolled steel products for the building, construction, manufacturing and agricultural industries. We operate a fully integrated steel mill at Glenbrook, about 60 kilometres south of Auckland. The mill is surrounded by 500 hectares of farmland acting as a 'greenbelt' buffer zone.    

Over the years around 114 hectares of the industrial site and the greenbelt has been extensively planted with trees and grass. We use locally sourced ironsand to produce around 650,000 tonnes of steel a year. It is a remarkable example of how an industry can successfully adapt to take advantage of a natural resource unlike any other in the world.

About 60% of our steel output is exported. Our company operates to the stringent ISO 9000 quality standards and is committed to being a world-class steelmaker.  

As a company New Zealand Steel are continually striving to set new benchmarks for environmental and health and safety performance.