ZOG ® is a proudly New Zealand owned manufacturer of the highest quality steel framing for New Zealand homes.

The Patented ZOG® Steel Framing System

Engineered for the unique demands of New Zealand and New Zealand families


ZOG® Steel Framing has been developed in conjunction with Golden Homes, New Zealands premier group builder of Kiwi family homes. This collaboration has meant that 20 years of expertise and knowledge of the New Zealand environment and the demands of Kiwi families has been factored into the way our framing system has been developed.

ZOG® Steel Framing is a highly engineered, precision framing system with computer controlled manufacturing ensuring every frame and truss is manufactured to the highest specification and with zero wastage. This is in part the reason for ZOG's reputation for environmental sustainability and manufacturing efficiency. With no waste and the fact that steel presents a minimal carbon footprint ZOG is proud to be considered an environmentally responsible New Zealand manufacturer of international standard.

ZOG delivers a unique building structure wit its patented fixing system and profile which ensures that throughout the long life of the structure, lines and angles remain true and experience little or no movement because unlike traditional framing Steel will not move, warp, twist or pop once locked  into position. This is the beauty of steel and we are positive you will enjoy a significantly better building and living experience when you choose to build using the ZOG Steel Framing System. Welcome to the future of home building, welcome to ZOG Steel Framing.