ZOG ® is a proudly New Zealand owned manufacturer of the highest quality steel framing for New Zealand homes.

Jack and Colleen

Pegasus Town

Having survived the Inangahua earthquake of 1968, Jack and Colleen were sold on the structural integrity of steel framing when they built their new Golden Home in Pegasus Town. Jack, a native sawmiller on the West Coast until the mill went out of business in 1981, moved into their new ZOG framed home earlier than expected and both he and Colleen are “singing the praises of the place” and are very sad to think of their old timber-framed home in Kaiapoi as a wreck; “full of memories but didn’t stand up to the quake’ says Colleen. “We really feel for the people of Kaiapoi” she says.

Finn and Molly


Finn and Molly are safe and sound after the Christchurch Earthquake; “the house is just under 300m2 and, with the Erff Board over steel framing, the walls didn’t even budge” says Finn. The devastation in the house was like a burglar had come in and pushed everything over so we know we were hit with some amazing force.