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Steel frames of the future - today

When contemplating building your new home make sure you get the full story about the ZOG® Steel Framing System.

Steel has been the preferred structural material used in commercial construction for many decades and more recently has been introduced into new home framing in countries like Japan, the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and now New Zealand.

Selected for it's lightweight structural strength, rigidity and impressive earthquake performance Steel Framing has truly come of age and is the preferred framing system for Golden Homes nationally.

ZOG® is more than just steel framing, ZOG is a comprehensively engineered steel framing system that has been specifically designed for New Zealand's unique conditions and the demands of New Zealand families for a stronger, more durable, healthier living environment.

Rest assured when you build with the stronger, structurally superior patented ZOG Steel Framing System your investment is protected. Ask only for ZOG "steel frames of the future today" for your families enjoyment, health and enduring peace of mind.

Building Product Information Requirements:

ZOG Steel Framing is exempt from the "Building (Building Product Information Requirements) Regulations 2022" as specified in section 7(d) of the regulations.

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